Porcine Tissue Remodeling & Ingrowth

Porcine Tissue Remodeling & IngrowthSurgeons that perform tendon and ligament replacements are always searching for materials that can mimic the performance and load transmissions of the native material.

As often happens, these searches turn to musculoskeletal system porcine tissue to approximate human tendons.

In a U.S. patent application filed in 2016, LifeCell Corporation of Branchburg, NJ describes a study using a porcine acellular tissue matrix – derived from porcine skin – that was implanted into a human.

The study found that in some scenarios, the porcine tissue matrix may ease tissue remodeling and regrowth of the patient’s cells.

LifeCell’s work is yet another example of how the use of porcine tissue has helped researchers make new discovers to improve human health.

In the past, we’ve written about how porcine tissue helped in hernia repair and allowed researchers to gain new insights into pancreatic illnesses.

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