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Studying Benign Periablational Enhancement in Porcine Liver Model

iStock_000003693823_SmallThermal ablation is an important technique in treating liver tumors and metastases. New research into this treatment conducted in Germany relied on porcine liver models to test ablation methods.

This study was conducted by researchers from University Medicine Berlin and Martin Luther University in Halle, and published in April in the Journal of Cellular Biology.

“Although the results of this study were performed using a porcine liver model, we think that our results can be transferred to humans, since porcine animal models have broadly and successfully been used in translational research,” the study’s authors write.

This study is one more example of how porcine tissues – such as the porcine liver models used by the German researchers – can help the human body heal. In the past, we’ve reported on other ways porcine models have led researchers to improve the chances of liver transplant patients, and help repair the human heart.

At Animal Biotech, we’re proud of the role we’ve played in this sort of research. For nearly three decades, we’ve committed ourselves to providing high-quality porcine liver models and other porcine tissues to the biomedical research community.

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