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Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory

The Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory at ABI is a state-of-the art facility designed specifically for processing, packaging and shipping of post-mortem tissues and organs.

With cutting-edge technology and an expert staff, our laboratory provides invaluable support for advancing medical science and understanding the complexities of human biology.

Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory at ABI

This anatomy and physiology laboratory is a clean, controlled environment with the appropriate cleaning, final trimming, cooling and packaging equipment needed to pack and ship superior post-mortem swine tissues and organs. A large freezer runs 24 hours a day and freezes cold packs which are later stored in chest freezers so that they are always in full supply. Here in this facility the final stages of preparation occur before tissues are properly packaged and shipped via FEDEX. A large percentage of ABI’s research swine tissue shipments are fresh tissues and organs stored on cold packs. Dry ice is available as well.

Following collection of organs and tissues from our abattoir facility site, where they are quickly harvested and cooled, they are transported to our anatomy laboratory. Here, all tissues are counted, re-examined (as part of quality control), sorted and packaged.

ABI also prepares and sells cannulated tissues and organ blocks that are used with special assimilation devices requiring certain arteries, veins or ducts to be cannulated.