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Porcine Models Used for Abdominal Wall Hernia Repair

Porcine Model for ResearchAn abdominal wall hernia is a weakness in the muscles of your abdominal wall that can cause pain and bulging of the fat or intestines.

The abdominal wall is comprised of muscles and connective tissue. A hernia occurs when there is a tear in the wall, allowing what is behind the wall to push through.

One of the ways doctors can repair these hernias is through a procedure known as the inverse abdominoplasty.

Porcine tissues are used in the repair of abdominal wall hernias, due to the pig’s biological similarity to humans, as Derya Bingol, Ozay Ozakaya Mutlu and Osman Oymak noted in their recent study, titled Inverse Abdominoplasty.

This is an innovative method of abdominal hernia wall repair, and yet another example of the type of work that can be done to help humans using porcine tissues and organs. We’ve previously written about the use of porcine models in everything from pancreatic cancer research to spinal cord injures.

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