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Biocompatible Mesh Graft from Porcine Dermal Tissue

porcine dermal tissueThe cells that make up our bodies are surrounded by an extracellular matrix – ECM – which provides support for the cells.

When there is damage to the cells, tissue must be regenerated. This regeneration depends on a series of physiological events.

The first stage of this process is the inflammatory phase. After many other cells migrate to the damaged site, the differentiated cells produce and deposit new extracellular matrix.

Studies, such as the one published last year by LifeCell Corporation in New Jersey, have used porcine dermal tissue to make a biocompatible mesh to repair multiple damaged tissues, while minimizing infections or adhesions.

This in keeping with past studies we’ve written about, including research that showed porcine dermal tissue to treat burn healing.

At Animal Biotech, we’ve worked for more than 25 years to help the scientific community make medical breakthroughs using porcine dermal tissue and live porcine models.

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