Animal Biotech Industries, Inc

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Animal Delivery

ABI has a state-of-the-art delivery truck fleet that includes both light- and medium-duty, highly customized box trucks. ABI’s trucks combine fresh and climate-controlled air for the animals during delivery via Thermo-King Shuttleaire systems that deliver fresh air at a rate as high as 100 air changes per hour. Animals are housed in compatible groups within aluminum pens on contact bedding, both of which act as environmental enrichment while animals are in transit. The interior of the trucks consists of kem-lite lined walls and seamless stainless steel diamond plate flooring that is impervious to contamination, easily cleaned and sanitized.

Swine in biomedical research delivery truck interior with commercial pigs in transit.
Interior of commercial pig delivery vehicle serving the biomedical research community.
Animal Biotech Industries, Inc. Core staff in climate-controlled research swing delivery vehicle.

ABI’s highly trained drivers are required to maintain extremely detailed records of the cargo climate and the animals’ behavior during the delivery. This is accomplished by computerized systems, manual checks and camera systems. ABI follows all of the Federal laws of the Department of Transportation, including the institution of electronic driver logs. This system allows ABI to know the location of each of the trucks in it’s fleet at any given time. It is critical to deliver the animals in a stress-free environment and because of its superior truck fleet and shipping methods, ABI takes swine delivery to the highest level.

Monitoring system for live animal model delivery vehicles.
Live animal model shipping and delivery in climate-controlled vehicles.
Research swine in a custom-built delivery vehicle with safety protocol in place.
Live animal model transportation and delivery vehicle interior.