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Animal Model FAQs

Yes, Animal Biotech Industries, Inc. holds a USDA Class B License.

ABI maintains a full inventory from farrow to finish breeding operation with animals of any age, sex, or weight being continuously available. We have weaned piglets starting at three weeks or age and 17 lbs. all the way up to growing pigs that are six months of age and 250 lbs.

Yes, we have a closed breeding herd and all of our research swine are purpose bred on site.
No, ABI research pigs are continuously bred and raised on site for our clients. Our research swine are never purchased from other sources as is done by our competitors. Replacement breeders are selected from the herd and new boar lines of semen are bought. All females are artificially inseminated on site.
We breed Yorkshire Crossbred pigs which are comprised mainly of Yorkshires with a hybrid vigor added to the herd in from Landrace and Chester White breeds. Our pigs are all white pigs, with 90% Yorkshire characteristics.

ABI pigs are fed a total mixed ration mixed and fed on the farm with the primary ingredients of soy beans and corn meal. Our rations meet the NRC requirements for all phases of production. We will sell a small portion of our mixed ration feed upon request to aid in animal acclimation at your facility.

Typically, we ask that you order one-week minimum prior to the date of your requested delivery in order for us to maintain a balanced delivery schedule. If clients have a last-minute emergency animal model purchase need, we always do our best to facilitate their needs. Any special requests on orders such as pre-bleeding or fasting etc., may require a bit more time to complete. Clients should contact us to discuss their animal order needs.

We do have specific days for specific cities in order to keep a routine that suits the delivery schedule as well as our clients. We will be happy to discuss this with you. We can also add in specific days for animal model deliveries on a special as needed basis.

You will receive an order price quote that is also an order confirmation form. Once you review all of the specifications listed, you will sign the bottom of the form to confirm the order, and return it to ABI. The order will then be placed on the animal model delivery schedule and the animals will be scheduled for selection from the growing herd.

ABI has a state of the art fully climate-controlled truck and van fleet that delivers your animals as stress free of a condition as possible. We deliver our animals in our truck fleet within a 400 mile-radius of our facility. Animals are group housed, loose in pens with compatible animals on contact bedding on our trucks. The pigs nestle in the bedding and go to sleep during the trip. The trucks are Kemlite-lined with diamond plate stainless steel flooring. Smaller pigs for smaller sized orders are placed in our climate-controlled vans within transportation kennels on contact bedding. ABI delivery drivers are highly trained by ABI professionals and are given written tests on the functions of the truck fleet as well as the Animal Welfare Act. These test results are reviewed by the USDA.
Yes, you will receive a compatibility chart so you can group house like animals without concern of the animals fighting.
If you are located outside of Pennsylvania, you must receive a PA Veterinary Health Certificate in order for the animals to cross state lines. If you are located within PA, it is your option to receive this certificate. The animals are all inspected by our veterinarian whether or not you receive a health certificate.
Yes, you will receive a health history on each animal which tells you everything that has happened with each animal from birth until you receive it including all of the dates for its vaccines. Each health history also has their metal USDA metal tag affixed to the form. You will also receive the USDA animal acquisition form and the shipping invoice for the order.
Our payment terms for P.O. orders are 30 days net. We accept P.O. numbers, credit cards, and contract orders. Credit cards are processed once the animals are delivered. Contract orders are processed as per the terms of the contract.
Yes, we follow a very strict biosecurity program as outlined by our Veterinary and Management staff, that is followed to the letter. All of our replacement females are raised on the farm and our females are bred via A.I. through high quality bio-secure semen. The entire facility is closed and non-staff members are not allowed access to the facility or the property.