Finding a Solution for Cardiac Failure with Porcine Heart Tissue

Porcine Tissue for Cardiac FailurePorcine heart tissue may prove extremely helpful in finding a solution for cardiac failure.

The process of using detergents to decellularize and then recellularize porcine hearts with differentiated cells made from human patient specific pluripotent stem cells is an innovative area of research that may significantly change the prognosis for heart failure patients.

As researchers at Brigham Young University in Utah learned, this decellularization of porcine tissue can be accomplished within a day, and results in 98 percent of DINA removal with just six hours of detergent exposure.

“Automatically controlling the pressure during decellularization reduces the detergent exposure time while still completely removing immunogenic cell debris,” wrote the research team, in a study published in April in the journal Methods in Molecular Biology.

This type of tissue engineering process is working toward making cardiac failure a problem of the past. And it is yet another example of how porcine tissue can help researchers make findings that benefit human health.

Recently, we’ve written about how porcine urinary bladder matrices could be used in wound treatment, and reported on the use of porcine models to advance kidney research.

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