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Study Shows Porcine Cells Can Help Wound Healing

An acellular cholecyst extracellular matrix (p-CEM) of porcine origin was prepared using anionic biological detergent and the healing potential compared with commercially available collagen sheet (b-CS) and open wound (C) in full-thickness skin wounds in rats.

Healing was evaluated on the basis of wound contraction, gross, hematological, immunological and histopathological observations. It was found that p-CEM had healing potential and was shown to have a better healing response than commercially available collagen sheet to reconstruct full thickness skin wounds in rats.

This study illustrates the better healing qualities of porcine extracellular matrix when compared to commercially available collagen sheets and open wound in full-thickness skin wounds in rats.

— From Porcine cholecyst derived extracellular matrix (p-CEM) for reconstruction of full thickness skin wounds in rats. Poonam Shakya et al. Wound Medicine, Vol 10-11, December 2015, Pages 23-31. Copyright 2015 Elsevier B.V.

This research is just the latest study using porcine materials to advance medical treatment. Past studies have used pig models to look at repair to damaged hearts and genome reprogramming.

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