How We Got Here: Animal Biotech Industries, Inc.’s History of Excellence and Integrity

Animal Biotech Industries, Inc. (ABI) is a private corporation that is at the forefront of supplying the biomedical research community with live high-quality porcine post-mortem tissues. Since our establishment in 1990, we have become an integral part of the animal biotech industry, serving a diverse range of customers, from academic institutions, hospitals and government agencies to biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

After decades of ethical and exceptional service, we are preparing for an even brighter future under the leadership of our CEO, Deborah Shepherd. Read on to learn more about our leadership, company best practices, and the exciting developments on the horizon for our innovative woman-owned organization.

The History of Animal Biotech Industries, Inc.

Researchers have always needed reliable sources of porcine tissues. These biological materials play a crucial role in the development and testing of new drugs, medical devices, and therapies for humans. Driven to deliver the ethically sourced, high-quality porcine organs, tissues, and glands necessary for biomedical advancement, Dr. Gary L. Brubaker and our now CEO, Deborah Shepherd, opened the doors to Animal Biotech Industries, Inc. in 1990.

In the decades since our establishment, we have supported countless organizations in the medical and biomedical research community. By offering porcine tissue blocks, organs, glands, and blood products, we have supported the development of biomedical research in fields such as cardiology, endocrinology, neurology, and oncology. To put it simply – our expertly harvested post-mortem animal tissues have contributed to the improvement of both human and animal health and advanced medical knowledge.

Throughout our operations, we have taken pride in our highly trained staff, industry-leading tissue harvesting practices, and innovative delivery services. We believe these are the facets of our company that make us the best supplier of porcine tissue in the industry. Still, we are driven to innovate further. Read on to learn more about our leadership and current initiatives.

Meet Our CEO and President, Deborah A. Shepherd

Image of Animal Biotech Deborah A Shepherd Industries, Inc. CEO and President

Deborah A. Shepherd, CEO and President of Animal Biotech Industries, Inc., has been a core staff member and stakeholder throughout our company’s history. Responsible for the growth and economic stability of the corporation, Deborah is the leading mind behind our current initiatives.

While she was initially interested in veterinary science, Deborah discovered the animal biotech industry while visiting a professor’s ovine biotechnology business facility as an undergraduate student. Once she arrived and saw the value of the work, Deborah knew that entrepreneurship and animal biotechnology was her path. This pivotal moment in her career is what led her to obtain a B.S. degree in Laboratory Animal Science from Delaware Valley University, become a certified Laboratory Animal Technician through The American Association of Laboratory Animal Science, and ultimately to her current position in our corporation.

Throughout her career, Deborah has held the titles of Administrative Assistant, Operations Manager, Director of Operations, Vice President, and President before finally becoming the CEO of Animal Biotech Industries Inc. in 2022. Under Deborah’s leadership, we have become a WBENC-certified woman-owned animal biotech company that is working to expand our inventory and delivery capabilities.

What it Means to be a WBENC-Certified Company

Being WBENC-certified means that a company has gone through a rigorous certification process and has been officially recognized as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE). In the animal biotech industry, this certification signifies that our organization is owned and operated by a woman and meets the stringent criteria set by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). In our case, this certification highlights our leadership’s dedication to excellence and integrity in the animal biotechnology industry.

We are proud to have a highly trained team led by experienced leaders and scientific professionals. To keep with the spirit and mission of the WBENC, Animal Biotech Industries, Inc. is dedicating itself to continuous innovation. We are looking forward to further improving our operations and supporting the rapidly growing biomedical research community.

The Future of Animal Biotechnology is the Future of Human Health

As an animal biotech corporation, we understand the responsibility on our shoulders. Innovation in medical research begins with high-quality animal research tissues and models. That’s why we are always working to improve our already best-in-class services.

With the growing demand for preclinical testing, the animal biotech industry is expected to continue its upward trajectory. Under the leadership of CEO and President Deborah A. Shepherd, we are well-positioned to meet this need. We will meet this need by expanding our inventory of tissues and improving our tissue shipping practices.

This expansion will allow the institutions we serve to access high-quality research materials with even more confidence. As the industry continues to grow, our commitment to quality and integrity will continue contributing to the advancement of biomedical research and medical device development.

What These Initiatives Mean for the Future of Biomedical Science

Corporations like Animal Biotech Industries, Inc., and medical research play a critical role in advancing human health. Humans are living longer, happier lives because of the work completed by our organization and those we support.

As biomedical science evolves, we will continue our legacy of providing best-in-class research materials and enhance our services to meet the growing demand for preclinical testing. We invite researchers to contact us to learn more about our offerings and how we can support their research goals.