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Studying Skin Permeation with Porcine Tissue Models

Porcine SkinSkin permeation studies are extremely important in predicting percutaneous penetration, and porcine tissue have proven very important in such research.

A recent study conducted at the University College of London compared skin parallel artificial membrane permeation assay (PAMPA), porcine skin and human skin in the permeation of compounds topically placed on each tissue/artificial tissue.

“In general, the Skin PAMPA model did discriminate between different formulation types and different solvent systems compared with other models, with low variability in the permeation data,” the study’s author wrote, in a thesis published on the university website.

“The more permeable nature of the PAMPA, silicone membrane and porcine tissue models to ibuprofen compared with human skin was also demonstrated, while the permeation of caffeine, a hydrophilic compound, in the PAMPA model was comparable to that in human skin.”

The findings are very interesting, as porcine skin and human skin are very similar to each other which makes porcine tissue essential to this sort of research.

This is yet another example of how porcine tissue help biomedical research. Recently we’ve written about porcine integumentary system tissue are used in lung injury research and wound treatment.

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