Studying Injectable Biomaterials on Porcine Tissue

injectable materials for porcine tissueAs we’ve pointed out multiple times on this blog, porcine tissue is used in research because of pigs’ biological similarities to humans.

That was the case yet again in a study conducted by researchers from the Departments of Chemical Engineering and Biological Sciences at Rowan University and the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Drexel University.

Published in October 2016 in the journal JoVE, talks about using swine for their skin and cartilage in the study of injected biomaterials.

These materials are injected as a liquid and become a solid once in situ. These biomaterials can fill irregular spaces and help repair defects.

Past studies using porcine tissue have included research into childhood obesity and organ transplants.

For over 30 years, Animal Biotech has helped researchers in the biomedical field use post-mortem porcine tissue to make discoveries that benefit human health.

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