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Cryogels for Wound Care Applications in Porcine Models

Pigs.As we’ve pointed out in previous blog posts, porcine models are helpful in the study of human wound healing, because pigs and humans have very similar skin.

Porcine models played a role in a recent study at the University of Reading in Great Britain that looked at the use of cryogels and hydrogels in wound care applications.

Hydrogels are well known for their ability to aid in wound healing by accelerating the healing process such as reducing the amount of dehydration in the wound bed and absorbing exudate.

They also have cooling effects that help reduce the pain felt by the patient with the wound.  Cryogels are extremely helpful in treating wounds compared to traditional dressings because they work very well around joints or in compression wound situations.

The University of Reading study, published by the Royal Society of Chemistry, found that poly(vinyl alcohol) Gantrez AN cryogels are “promising for applications in wound care.”

Pigs are an excellent model for testing the adhesive abilities of these hydrogels and cryogels because their skin is so close to human skin.

And Animal Biotech is proud of the role it has played in this sort of work. We’ve spent more than 25 years helping biomedical researchers use post-mortem porcine tissues to make important medical discoveries.

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