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Porcine Tissue Teaches Researchers About Human Hearts

porcine tissueIt is important to determine the mechanical behavior of vessels and other soft tissues in order to know how they properly handle loads in all directions (circumferential and longitudinal).

Post-mortem porcine tissue is an excellent model to use in order to test and determine these values.  Researchers are gaining valuable information every day from using porcine tissues which will aid them in being able to repair soft tissues that rupture within humans or animals alike, because they understand how the tissues function under pressure.

A recent study at Aix-Marseille Universite in France – published earlier this month in the Journal of Biomechanics – looked at the mechanical behavior of the porcine ascending aorta as it relates to human ascending aorta pathologies.

Past studies have looked at how pigs and other animal models could help repair damaged hearts, and found ways for researchers to approach cancer treatment.

Animal Biotech is proud to play a role in this kind of work. For more than three decades, we’ve supplied post-mortem porcine tissue and consultation that allow biomedical researchers to make important breakthroughs.

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