Animal Biotech Industries, Inc

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A Focus on Quality Tissue for Research Needs

Highest Standards of Animal Tissue Harvesting

At Animal Biotech Industries (ABI), our mission is to provide clients with high-quality, post-mortem tissues harvested with precise attention to client specifications. All products are harvested at USDA federally inspected abattoirs or at our onsite climate controlled facilities. These harvests are carried out in strictly controlled environmental conditions following precise protocols which have been specifically developed for each client.

Animal Tissue Shipment 

These tissue samples are then processed and packaged using time tested techniques that guarantee the integrity of the tissues during shipment. Most tissues are shipped by FedEx either fresh using cold packs or frozen with dry ice. Our packaging and boxing methods allow all tissue to remain in either condition during shipment inside the boxes for up to three days even under the most adverse temperature extremes. We also make it our policy to have contingency plans in place to ensure our clients receive their tissue exactly when they need it, taking into account possible delivery delays with intermediate shipping companies. All FedEx boxes are tracked by both ABI and its clients.

Tissue Quality for All Clients

We are pleased to help all clients with the specifics of their tissue orders and appreciate the positive feedback we receive from our clients. For instance, on one occasion, a new client was referred to us by an existing account who told them, “If you want to have successful classes, you need ABI.”

In turn, this new client was very impressed by the contingency plan we created in order to avoid possible delays during delivery. Our plan had us ship their tissues one day earlier than their original delivery date requested. This allowed us time to harvest new tissue the following day and ship the product again in case of any loss or delay of the tissue samples.

The client also appreciated our attention to detail when tracking their packages for them and our proactive willingness to head off any problems that could arise, as opposed to just passing on the tracking number for them to follow. This client continues to use ABI’s post-mortem tissues and refers us to colleagues routinely.

At ABI we always go the extra mile to make sure our clients receive the tissue samples they need to conduct the best research possible. Contact us today for more information.