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Suppliers of Quality Post-Mortem Swine Tissues, Organs, Glands & Biofluids

Animal Biotech Industries, Inc. is a private corporation supporting the biomedical research community since 1990, by supplying live, high quality, research porcine models as well as high quality, post mortem tissues, organs, and glands.

ABI was conceived and is currently operated by scientific professionals who have dedicated themselves to superior service as well as producing superior animals and tissues.

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Superior Products and Facilities

With our focus on postmortem tissue harvesting, we provide a valuable alternative to live animal research, ensuring ethical and effective methods for advancing biomedical science. Our expertise lies in providing high-quality porcine tissues for various applications, including:
Our commitment to excellence extends to our state-of-the-art facilities and highly-trained professionals, who are dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of the biomedical research community.

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